Monday, March 22, 2010

I am appalled

I missed the coverage over the weekend regarding the health care reform vote about the Tea Partiers outside the Capitol, shouting their epithets at the Congressman as they walked toward their elected duty.

But now I know, and I am appalled.

I am appalled at how adults can behave like imbecilic miscreants, shouting sophomoric homophobic and racial slanders at some of the Congressmen. They shouted “nigger” at Rep. John Lewis of Georgia; they spat on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver; and they called Rep. Barney Frank a faggot.

I am appalled at the mainstream media for refusing to repeat these epithets. Even Rachel Maddow talked about the “N-word” and the “F-word.”

They called the man a nigger. They called the man a faggot.

If we are to have an honest discussion about race or gender or sexuality, then we need to get over our discomfort with the lexicon.

The Buddha taught us that our delusions are fed in part by the fabrications we create. Let’s deal with these fabrications, openly and honestly.

Name and form.


  1. Yep, we need to be direct and very clear about this crap, because it's not going to get dealt with through nice words and attempts to placate.

    Thanks for the direct and clear post.

  2. I would use term delusional....funny, they didn't notice the mirror in front of their face? Ugly comes out from an ugly mind. No surprise.

  3. When I heard those words were use it made my blood boil. Really guys? You're adults and you're using these words? Middle schoolers use these words because they don't really understand what they mean or how they can hurt...these adults obviously do.