Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We're running out

Adam over at Fly Like a Crow has an excellent post that is mostly political in nature in that it deals with Republican efforts in Congress to gut existing environmental law. But he also shrewdly points out that the assertion that Republicans merely want to reduce government spending is a specious one. But then again, when hasn't the GOP been specious in its talk and pandering in its agenda?

As a break, I thought I'd post the following Scissor Sisters' video of them performing the song "Running Out" from their new album. I chose it because it seemed fitting to what Adam was saying, that we are running out of things like clean air and clean water. And these are things worth preserving.

And besides, I'm really excited that I am going to see Scissor Sisters with Lady Gaga next week in Boston!

God, I sound like such a fag.



  1. but ya ARE Blanche, ya are a fag

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for the mention. Love Scissor Sisters, though I've only heard a handful of songs.

  3. @zenfant, alas, now I feel validated!

    @Adam, you're welcome! Nice post, we need people who will plow through these bills and reveal to us what's hidden there.

  4. Lady Gaga and Scissor Sisters should be an amazing show. Have a blast!!