Saturday, February 27, 2010

Links to information on Chile earthquake and tsunami threat

It was supposed to be my day off, but when I woke and read that the strongest earthquake ever recorded had occurred in Chile, I knew I needed to start posting content on the Web sites my company manages.

There is huge interest in these events, and here are some resources if you want to check them out.

By the way, the image shows how the energy from the quake is dispersed across the Pacific Ocean. It’s from the NOAA.

John over at Sweep the Dust, Push the Dirt has also put together some links and information about the events.

The first link above is to a story I am constantly updating regarding the earthquake. Here is a link to the story I’ve been updating about the tsunami threat to Hawaii.

This BBC page has a cool graphic that shows the expected times for when the tsunami reaches particular locations in the Pacific.

Here is the main page at the NOAA devoted to the tsunami. And here is what KITV in Honolulu is reporting.

Not necessarily about Buddhism. Nonetheless, I think of the Loving Kindness chant and the line, “May all beings be free from suffering.”

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