Saturday, December 19, 2009

Buddhist rodent battle brewing Hah!

I recently “friended” or began to follow on Twitter (not sure what the proper term is) bitterootbadge, also known as the Bitterroot Badger, a furry resident of the highlands around Bozeman, Mont., and keen observer of all that goes on at the Namdroling Buddhist center. I’ve recently added his blog to my blogroll, so you ought to pay a visit.

Not since the infamous cartoon Archy and Mehitabel has there been such a clever rhetorical and artistic scheme in literature as what the Bitterroot Badger provides: wonderful insights into the happenings at this Buddhist center, which, by the way, I had no idea was even there in Bozeman despite having lived there for a short spell. Ah, but that’s another story.

Oh, I guess I ought to mention the other rodent writer, Kyle with his Squirrel Zen. Yeah, he’s cute, I like his balls (no, not his guts or daring, his balls, the way they hang down to his ankles, got to love that).

And speaking of which, our badger friend has some issues with ground squirrels, to which our squirrely Zen master has taken umbrage with, but we must acknowledge the badger’s apparent willingness to find some common, err, ground.

It is rather nice that our burrowing friend has identified a number of Buddhist bloggers for perusal, but his down to earth sensibilities seemed to have left him prostrate as a dehydrated Heifer corpse somewhere between Livingston and Gallatin. You know, that Clare Prophet gal is still in that neighborhood isn’t she? As to the notion, however, that one must “wash hands” after visiting the eminent My Buddha is Pink seems to ignore where the badger tends to keeps its own hands most of the time. Seems to me the raccoon has better etiquette than this rodent. But oh well, when it comes to animal species, my clan tends to acknowledge the bear with extraordinary honor. That and the twink.

Being that as it may, I welcome our friend to the great Buddhist blog community, and if I had the chance, I would host a very divine party for us all. After all, that is something we pink Buddhists know how to do, and that is throw a party!

And Kyle, kindly extend a paw. Even squirrels have the bodhisattva in them. P.S. Thanks for the image. I stole it from your site.

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  1. LOl Hell yea, I would so be there! You know us squirrels like to party like we just had 120mgs of adderall and 2 vodka tonics!